ECT Mortgage 2023: What you need to know

The definitive guide to getting an Early Career Teacher (ECT) Mortgage in 2023.

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For many young teachers, owning a home can feel like an impossible dream. With high student loan debt and low starting salaries, saving up for a down payment can be a real challenge. Fortunately, there are mortgage options specifically designed for early career teachers that can help make homeownership a reality. In this article, we’ll explore some of the key features of early career teacher mortgages in 2023 and what you need to know to take advantage of them.

ECT Mortgage

What Are Early Career Teacher Mortgages?

Early career teacher mortgages are home loans that are designed specifically for teachers who are just starting out in their careers. These mortgages typically offer lower interest rates, lower down payment requirements, and other features that make them more accessible for early career educators.

One of the key advantages of early career teacher mortgages is that they can help teachers get into the housing market sooner than they might be able to with traditional mortgages. This is important because homeownership is one of the most effective ways to build long-term wealth, and getting into the market early can help ensure that young teachers can take advantage of this opportunity.

ECT Mortgages Schemes

There are a few schemes available for ECT mortgages and each has their own benefits.

Shared Ownership Scheme

This scheme allows you to part rent and part buy your home. This therefore means that you can buy a property with a lower deposit or lower income. You can then usually buy more shares to buy a larger portion of your home down the line. This can be beneficial for ECT mortgages as you get pay rises throughout your career.

Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor Scheme

The Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor scheme allows you to add an extra borrower that won’t be a home owner to your mortgage. This therefore means you can often borrow more. This works well with ECT mortgages as you can add a joint borrower, non home owner and then as your career progresses you can remortgage in your own right when you are ready.

First Homes Scheme

This is another scheme perfect for ECT Mortgages. Unfortunately it is not widely available currently. However, if you can find a property on this scheme it allows a first time buyer, or Key worker, to buy an eligible new build property with a minimum 30% discount. The main caveat to the scheme is that when you sell the property, you pass that saving on to the next buyer.

Right to buy scheme

The right to buy scheme is available to eligible council or local authority tenants. It allows you to buy your home at a discount, usually without the need for a deposit.

What Are the Requirements for Early Career Teacher Mortgages?

While the specific requirements for early career teacher mortgages can vary depending on the lender and the type of loan, there are a few key things that most lenders will be looking for:

  1. Employment Verification: Lenders will typically require proof that you are currently employed as a teacher, and may also require proof of your future employment prospects.

  2. Income Verification: Lenders will want to see proof of your income, including pay stubs and tax returns. They will also want to ensure that your debt-to-income ratio is within acceptable limits.

  3. Credit Score: While early career teacher mortgages may be more accessible than traditional mortgages, lenders will still want to see a good credit score. If you have a limited credit history, you may need to take steps to improve your score before you can qualify for a mortgage.

  4. Deposit: While early career teacher mortgages may require a lower down payment than traditional mortgages, you will still need to have some money saved up for a down payment. Depending on the type of loan, this could be anywhere from 3% to 10% of the purchase price.

How Can You Qualify for an Early Career Teacher Mortgage in 2023?

If you’re interested in applying for an early career teacher mortgage, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of approval:

  1. Improve Your Credit Score: Your credit score is one of the most important factors that lenders consider when evaluating your mortgage application. If your score is low, take steps to improve it by paying your bills on time, reducing your credit card balances, and disputing any errors on your credit report.
  2. Save for a Down Payment: While early career teacher mortgages may require a lower down payment than traditional mortgages, you will still need to have some money saved up. Consider setting aside a portion of your paycheck each month or cutting back on unnecessary expenses to help build up your savings.
  3. Reduce Your Debt: Lenders will look at your debt-to-income ratio when evaluating your mortgage application, so it’s important to keep your debt levels under control. Paying down credit card balances, student loans, and other debts can help improve your chances of approval.

  4. Get Pre-Approved: Getting pre-approved for a mortgage can help you understand how much house you can afford and give you an advantage when it comes to making an offer on a home. To get pre-approved, you’ll need to provide documentation of your income, employment, and credit history.

  5. Work with a Mortgage Professional: A mortgage professional can help guide you through the application process and provide advice on the best type of mortgage for your needs. Look for a lender who has experience working with early career teachers and understands the unique challenges that they face.

Types of ECT Mortgage

There are basically 2 main types of ECT mortgage available. Whilst there are many subcategories they generally fall into one of the below:

Fixed rate ECT Mortgage

This type of mortgage allows you to fix the rate of interest for a set amount of time. Usually this amount of time would be 2,3,5,7 or 10 years. This therefore means that you will know what your monthly outgoings will be going forward for that period. This type of ECT mortgage would generally have an early repayment fee if you wanted to repay the loan early.

Variable rate mortgages

Whilst variable rate mortgages covers a broad range of products such as trackers, discount, capped, collared and more, they all have a few things in common. Variable rate mortgages will vary usually depending on the bank of England base rate, or the lenders variable rate. This therefore means that your monthly payment could go up or down depending on what is going on in the world, and with your lender. This adds an element of risk to your mortgage in the form of variable monthly payments. The benefit of this type of mortgage is that you often find they do not have early repayment charges. However, sometimes these products may have early repayment charges so you need to be aware of this when researching.

Using a Specialist Teacher Mortgage Broker

At Teacher Mortgages we specialise in all things to do with Teacher Mortgage Advice. From doing your Initial Teacher Training all the way through to Early Careers Teachers and beyond.

Using a specialist Teacher Mortgage broker can help get the Early Career Teacher mortgage you need.


Early career teacher mortgages can be an excellent option for young educators who are looking to buy a home. By offering lower interest rates, lower down payment requirements, and other features designed specifically for early career teachers, these mortgages can help make homeownership a reality. If you’re interested in applying for an early career teacher mortgage, be sure to do your research, improve your credit score and save for a down payment, and work with a mortgage professional who can help guide you through the process. With a little bit of effort and some smart planning, you can turn your dream of homeownership into a reality.

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